Urban Botanic Grooves

Rooftop Opening in Darwin’s Lab


Saturday, 28. April 2018 15:00 Uhr - 23:55 Uhr

Welcome: Summer, Sun, Parties & More – high up in the Spreegold-Rooftop Bar! ☀
Even before the official start of the summer, we would like to inaugurate with you the terrace of the BIKINI in the Spreegold stores.

We invite you to enjoy the first cool refreshment and listening to summer music beats by Dieta Berliner over the rooftops of City West on Saturday, 28 April 2018, from 15:00 h onwards. In Darwin’s Lab, in the Spreegold Store, at the BIKINI Berlin, you cannot only order tasty salads, spicy burgers, home-made pasta or a coffee on ice but you can also relax and lean back and start your weekend.

Let the evening beGin! Those who like to try exotic refreshments at a late hour will be pampered with summer cocktails, cool drinks and great tasting other drinks made by our amazing barkeeper at Darwin’s Lab.

Urban Botanic Beats: DJ from 15:00 h with DIETA BERLINER von Pakalolo Soundlab – Dieta Berliner
End: 00:00 h (or just let us see how long you can party)

Come along and let us celebrate an unforgettable rooftop opening with sun on the face, cool drinks and delicious food!